Droanacharya IAS – Best IAS Academy in Chandigarh

Droanacharya IAS – Best IAS Academy in Chandigarh

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Welcome to Droanacharya IAS, Chandigarh


For the past 12 years, Anurag Bachan’s DROANACHARYA-IAS Academy has provided quality education to civil service applicants and is known as the Best IAS Academy in Chandigarh. In accordance with the requirements of a bureaucrat, we instil in our students the necessary information, abilities, and attitudes to meet the demands of the system. Moreover, you will find guides in the form of teachers who will make your endeavour worthwhile. We believe that an individual’s personality is shaped by the environment in which he or she lives. 

As a result, we’ve created a devoted and disciplined environment that ensures a level of high-quality education. We place equal focus on research, depth of understanding, and knowledge creation, and our faculty includes prominent writers, ex-civil servants, and successful candidates whose dedication and skills will help us achieve this goal.

We provide tailored assistance to the aspirants in order to develop their skills to the level of competency required in such competitive examinations, which can help build a strong, skilled, and talented India. We are the biggest institute in the region with a team of about 30 faculty members, 500+ selections, 9 classrooms, and more than 1000 students enrolled presently.

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Our Mission

To identify and guide students who can contribute towards nation building through civil services and help them inculcate Indian values and ethos. To instil in them honesty, integrity, compassion, social commitment, excellence, foresight, determination, devotion to duty, loyalty, and dedication to national welfare. Droanacharya-IAS is making efforts to instil these qualities through well-thought-out and meticulously planned activities at various levels of their studies in a progressive manner to help develop leadership qualities and management skills, as well as innovative thinking.


Our Vision

People have thought for a long time that the civil services should be filled with people who are honest, sincere, socially committed, nationally inspired, innovative, and creative. This includes people from less fortunate parts of Indian society. This will definitely speed up the pace of change and ensure that millions of Indians, especially those from socially and economically weaker groups, take part in the development of the country. Droanacharya-IAS wants to work hard to make this vision come true. 


Our Values

  1. Inclusivity and Diversity.
  2. Interdisciplinary Engagement.
  3. Serving the Public Good.
  4. Full Exploration of the Realms of        Knowledge.
  5. Collaboration.


Courses Offered at Droanacharya IAS, Chandigarh





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