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Daily Current Affairs

Why are Katchatheevu pacts being questioned?

This article discusses the complexities surrounding the Katchatheevu agreements ( Katchatheevu pacts being questioned ). It uncovers the origins, the disputes they ignited, and their wider effects on India-Sri Lanka relations.

Supreme Court Grants Bail to Activist Shoma Sen

The article discusses Shoma Sen's bail, her arrest under India's Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for alleged Maoist links and Bhima Koregaon violence. It explores legal debates on freedom, the Supreme Court's ruling, and implications for activism.

Subsidised rice for ethanol production ?

The article discusses India's shift from using subsidised rice for ethanol production to maize, prioritizing food security and sustainability while addressing the economic and environmental implications of biofuel production.

Prevention of Money Laundering Act

The article critically examines the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). It highlights evolution from its original focus on combating drug money laundering to encompassing a broad range of offences.

Integration of technology into criminal justice system

The article discusses the integration of technology into the criminal justice system. It emphasizes the need for careful consideration and ethical prioritization, as highlighted by the Chief Justice of India.

Global Biodiversity Framework and tribals

The article discusses concerns over the Global Biodiversity Framework's forest expansion goals impacting India's tribal communities. It highlights potential displacements and challenges to indigenous rights.

Why are Ladakh’s residents on a hunger strike?

The article discusses the Ladakh residents' hunger strike for constitutional safeguards, governance changes post-Union Territory designation, challenges in land use, and the potential solution of the Sixth Schedule inclusion.

Regulating Big-Techs: India & Abroad

The article explores the conflict between Google and Indian firms over alleged abuse of market dominance, regulatory responses, concerns in Big Tech operations, and proposed regulatory measures.

Validity of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act registration of NGOs extended

This article discusses the complexities of NGO registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA). It  examines its procedures, implications, recent issues, and concluding reflections.

Preventing a China-Taiwan Conflict

The article discusses India's growing involvement in the China-Taiwan conflict due to expanding national interests, emphasizing....
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