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Background Radiation is high in Kerala

Background radiation levels, or those generated by natural sources such as rocks, sand, or mountains, are nearly three times higher in areas of Kerala than previously thought, according to pan-India research conducted by experts at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

18 March 2023: The forecast after a fake news campaign in Tamil Nadu

An online disinformation campaign led to law and order issues. Over a period of four days, there was a continuous narrative about migrant workers from Bihar being subjected to violence in Tamil Nadu. Also, video clips can be shared showing migrant workers leaving Tamil Nadu due to incidents of violence. In response to this, the Tamil Nadu police clarified that these video clips were both false and mischievous.

16 March 2023: Revenue Sharing Formula between States and The Centre

According to the latest recommendations of the XVth Finance Commission, chaired under N.K.Singh, the state's share of the tax devolution and the weightage criteria for the same are not necessarily good for each of the states in India.

16 March 2023: McMahon Line

2 Senators in the United States have introduced a bipartisan resolution in the upper house of congress restating that the US recognises the McMohan Line as the international boundary between India and China in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The resolution further added that India has a well-established state of Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India, which China calls South Tibet.
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