Current Affairs

What are the friction points on the LAC?

The article describes the various friction points on the LAC ( Line of Actual Control )  between India and China. It emphasizes that despite the passage of three years since the 2020 standoff..

Carbon border adjustment mechanism

The article highlights that International trade has a carbon problem. The EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) aims to put a price on carbon imports, but developing countries are concerned about the impact.

A Critical Juncture in Manipur

The article discusses a critical juncture in Manipur which is due to demand of a separate administration by Kuki-Zo groups. The central government is also trying to address this demand to maintain peace and stability in the state.

From decoupling to de-risking

The article highlights about US shifts from decoupling to de-risking in China policy, aiming to reduce risks posed by China’s power

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