Fresh Batches for IAS / PCS / HAS / HCS starting from 18th April, 2024 | Course Delivery Options: Online & Offline. We are offering following optionals: Public Administration, Sociology, History,PSIR, Psychology. For registration call at 8699010909.
Anurag Bachan

Anurag Bachan(Master Mentor)

Anurag Bachan(Master Mentor) teaches History, Political Science and International Relations. Anurag Sir has a wealth of expertise in mentoring civil service aspirants. He has been working in this field for approximately 16 years now and has taught in Chandigarh as well as Delhi. He has a string of accomplishments to his name. 

He studied BTech and Journalism at graduate and postgraduate levels, respectively. He was an interview-level candidate in the Civil Services examination. Mr. Bachan obtained Rank 206 in 2012 and qualified for PCS. He has also cleared 8 SSB interviews for the Army and Navy, which is an exceptional record and a clear indication that he possesses strong officer-like qualities. Under the kind direction of his honorable professors, he commenced his preparation while still in school.

Faculty at Anurag Bachan’s Droanacharya IAS
We have a very experienced and highly distinguished team of teachers for Optionals and General Studies.
Brig. Puri Interview Preparation
Priyanka Dhillon B.A.L.L.B(Gold Medallist), C.S. Polity, Economy, Public Administration optional
Sanjeet Singh Geography
Dr. Damanpreet K. Geography
Vikramjeet Singh MA (Gold Medallist) Environment, Geography
Dheeraj Jha International Relations, Economics, Ethics and Integrity
Amit Sinha(Special Faculty, AAI Delhi) History
Sankalp Gautam(H.A.S) Special Faculty History, Polity
Shakeel Ahmed(I.R.S) Special Faculty Current Affairs
Jyotinder Kaur Bajwa(I.R.S) Special Faculty History, Ethics
Amandeep Kaur PCS Rank 163 Political Science
Gulmehak PCS Rank 63 History
Dr. Tarminder K Sociology
Deepti Sharma Science and Psychology
Dr. Aastha Sharma Psychology
Dr. S. S. Brar Punjabi
Dr. Simranjeet K. Economics
Lakhwinder K. Masters(Gold Medallist) Anthropology
B.D.Attri Punjabi
Manish Sharma CSAT
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