22 March 2023: India’s first waste-to-energy plant

Waste to Energy is an advanced means of waste disposal that is recognized for reducing greenhouse gases, particularly methane.

It is a form of energy recovery. The Timarpur Okhla municipal solid waste management plant near Delhi is India’s first waste-to-energy plant.

Methods of waste-to-energy generation

  1. Combustion technologies
  2. Gasification 
  3. pyrolysis 
  4. incineration
  5. anaerobic digestion 
  6. Landfill gas recovery
  7. torrefaction 
  8. poly crack technology

Benefits of waste-to-energy plants:

    1. ensure energy security
    2. environmental conservation 
    3. can provide base-load power
    4. can reduce the use of land
    5. Waste-to-energy projects have multiple revenue streams.
    6. They are net greenhouse gas reducers.
    7. They reduce fire incidents.
    8. They are solutions to recovering value from inorganic waste.
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