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3 April 2023: Kangra Tea 


Recently, the European Commission gave Kangra tea from Himachal Pradesh an GI label.

Regarding Kangra tea:

  • In 1849, Dr. Jameson, who was in charge of the Botanical Tea Gardens at the time, said that the area was perfect for growing tea.
  • Kangra green and black tea is especially rare because it comes from one of the smallest places in India where tea is grown.
  • The green tea smells delicately of wood, while the black tea has a sweet, lingering flavour.
  • To maximize its potential, it is hand-plucked and processed using conventional techniques.
  • Through Peshawar, it is transported to Kabul and Central Asia.
  • A recognized geographic indication is Kangra tea (GI).

Features of tea:

  • The first flush of Kangra tea is prized for its quality, unique smell, and hint of fruity taste.
    a little tamer in taste than Darjeeling tea.
  • It has more substance and alcohol.
  • Elevation: Tea is cultivated between 900 and 1400 meters above sea level.
  • Rainfall per year: 270 to 350 centimeters