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6 April 2023: The obstacles against humane policing

Context: The complaint of human rights violations against an IPS officer in Tamil Nadu is a source of embarrassment for the state government and police hierarchy. The officer has been suspended from service, which should send a strong message to the police force that no illegal physical treatment of crime suspects will be tolerated.

International arena

Internationally, the US is one country that has had far too many instances of police torture, as in America, white police officers excesses on African-Americans. The recent death of an African American in Minneapolis led to vandalism by the African-American community.

According to some politicians, without physical force against misbehaving citizens, the quality of policing cannot improve and law and order cannot be maintained. Police forces have preached the use of third-degree and extralegal methods to solve the crime.

Reasons for inhumane behaviour

  1. Corruption among public servants
  2. Police excesses are on the rise because the stress that an average policeman is subjected to from his higher-ups has not abated.
  3. The organizational structure and culture of the department encourage some officers to commit acts of corruption.
  4. There are problems with the scrutiny of basic areas during recruitment, like psychological tests, training, medical tests, etc.
  5. There is a lack of basic resources for the leisure of officers.
  6. Loopholes in the implementation of laws

Ways towards humane policing

  1. Solid training in ethics at the time of induction could smooth the rough edges of a recruit.
  2. Management and the culture of a department are the factors influencing police behaviour.
  3. Need for equal treatment for all members of the organization
  4. quality education and better training.
  5. Rotate the duties of officers so it may not lead to the formation of bonds between police officers and lawbreakers.

If these leaders themselves are votaries of lawless policing, only the Almighty can save the law-abiding citizens from an unprincipled police force.