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E-education platforms, their Generative AI chapter

Why in News?

The Covid pandemic however increase challenges in the education sector, but opened new avenues to flourish it.  The pandemic opened the gates of new way of learning, i.e. learning through online mode.

Background of the Online Learning

The learning through online mode is not new in education sector. In 2008, several institutions adopted this platform, which was so much popular in between the students. This mode helped in providing remote learning to the students, residing in outer areas. The initiative of online learning not only increase the education base but also enhance access level. One of the primary benefit of this is, that it helped in globalizing the education. Students from India can study in foreign universities and foreign students can take admission and access Indian tools of learning through this online mode. The Online learning mode by and large reduces or even eliminated the distance barrier.

Benefits of Online Learning
  • Although, there are multiple benefits of the online learning, but few of them we can highlight here:-
  • It reduces the distance barrier. Students from far distance can access the education in preferred university.
  • It also help in learning in the desired language through translator modules.
  • Students of different background, different culture, different country can share their views, ideas, experiences.
  • Students can interact with each other across the globe and learn with each other.
  • The level of education can be enhance through exchange of information between educational institutes.
What is the role of AI in promoting online learning mode?

The online learning mode is very much successful, across the nations. The strength of this mode is further enhanced because of Artificial Intelligence module. Currently, there are more than 35ooo institutions only in India, providing education at online mode, and very much successful.