Genetic Profiling

In News

  • The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is carrying out genetic profiling to add the details of the elephants to a national database.
  • WII is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change to advance wildlife research, education, and conservation in the country.

What is Genetic profiling?

  • It is Information about changes in specific genes, gene expression, or chromosomes in cells or tissue of a person.
  • They may also be a sign that a person has an increased risk of developing a specific disease or condition or of having a child or other family member with the disease or condition.
  • A genetic profile may be used to help diagnose disease, plan treatment, or find out how well treatment is working.
  • In forensic science, genetic profiling is used for identifying individuals based on DNA evidence, such as in criminal investigations or paternity testing.