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Mob and Justice: On the Alwar lynching case verdict

In this article, we have discussed the dimensions of mob lynching in India, and how it affects India’s democratic values.

Why in News?

The District Session Judge, recently gave its judgement in the Rakbar Khan lynching case. The trial court in Alwar said that religious permits violence or hatred attack the soul of constitution of India. The trial court also recommended an inquiry within department against Sub Inspector Mohan Singh, over the delay in sending Rakbar to the hospital.

Rakbar assaulted by a mob in the night of 20th July, 2018, on suspicion of cattle smuggling in Alwar. The ADJ Court sentenced four men to seven years of imprisionment.

Religion and Law

The mob which lynched the person on suspicion of cow smuggling, took law in his hand in the name of religion.  Also, no religion permists spreading religious violence or hatred in any form or at any place. Nobody can take law in his hands in the name of religion.

Taking due diligent, the Court held that, even if the Cow smuggled for slaughter, the accused persons have no legal right to lynch anybody. Nobody can take law in his hands to protect cows or something else in our democratic society.

What is Mob Lynching?

It refers to the horrific crimes. In Which group of people target any individual in the name of religion. Here violence is used against that person and public and private property. It is a violent act where some people acting together, target and even kill a person in illigal manner.

The Apex Court of the country referred as – “Horrendous acts of mobocracy”. Such kind of acts also violates Right to life and personal liberty of individual, which is a fundamental right under article 21 of the constitution of India.

Many individuals from the intellectual class describe such crimes as worst type of crimes, as one person infringes on the rights of another in order to satisfy their own selfish motives.