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13 April 2023: Technical Textiles Quality Control Orders


  • The Phase-I Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for 31 goods, including 19 Geo Textiles and 12 Protective Textiles, were launched, according to the Ministry of Textiles.
    The first technical rule for technological textile products in the nation was QCO.
  • The Ministry intends to issue two further QCOs for 28 goods in the second phase, including 22 agricultural textile products and six medical textile items.

QCOs (Quality Control Orders)

  • By using the authority granted by section 16 of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, which stipulates that the products must conform to Indian Standards, various Ministries/Departments of the Government of India issue Quality Control Orders (QCOs) to guarantee the accessibility of high-quality products to consumers.
  • The major goals of the QCO are to prevent the importation of cheap, low-quality goods and to guarantee that clients receive high-quality goods.
  • Only QCOs imposed for reasons of health, safety, the environment, unfair trade practices, or national security are subject to challenge at the WTO.
  • It is approved by BIS for both domestic and foreign products.

Advantages of QCOs

  • to raise the bar and level of protection offered by textiles and geotextiles.
  • in order to safeguard the environment, human health, and the health of animals and plants.
  • to promote the expansion of this sector in India.
  • to give users and final consumers the best value possible, promoting Indian product quality that is on par with international norms.

Technical Textiles

  • As opposed to their aesthetic or decorative qualities, technical textiles are defined as textile materials and products that are employed primarily for their technical performance and utilitarian qualities.
  • Technical textiles are also referred to as industrial textiles, functional textiles, performance textiles, invisible textiles, and hi-tech textiles. Technical textiles are utilized either on their own or as a part of another product.Individual technical textiles are employed to fulfill certain roles, such as coated fabric for awnings and fire retardant fabric for firemen’s clothes.

Protective textile

  • Technical textiles of the Protective Textiles variety are also referred to as ProTech. Protective apparel is made from these textile materials.
  • It consists of drapes and curtains, upholstered composites used for non-domestic furniture, bulletproof jackets, and firefighters’ protection gear.
  • It serves to safeguard human life from risky and unfavorable working conditions.