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MEA faces tough choice as Taliban pick a new Ambassador for Delhi

This article highlights the diplomatic relations between India and the current ruling government of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Why in News?

The ruling Taliban regime of Afganistan recently decided to recall existing Ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay, and replaced him with current Trade Counsellor Qadir Shah. That creates a serious challenge before Indian government on the matter of emerging relations with Taliban-ruled Afghan government.

What are the current dimensions of India-Afghan relations?

The Taliban is very keen and has been making efforts to build diplomatic relations with regional countries and global organizations. So they are considering the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with India and seeking global recognition as the legitimate government. Kabul is keen to build ties with India because of the decline of Afghanistan’s economy and the reluctance of other countries to trade and invest in the country.

However, India still has not recognized the Taliban government. Taliban occupied position through force and violence in 2021.

If India rejected the change, it would cause a negative impact on India’s “technical mission” in Kabul. Accepting the appointment made by Taliban would be seen as making relations with an insurgent group.

World’s Powers Relations with the Taliban?

Many countries have refused to recognized the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, they even refused to accept the Taliban appointments. However many states like, Russia, China, Pakistan, the Central Asian states and Iran have allowed the new diplomatic appointments to run the missions. These nations even accepted to raise the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan” (IEA) flag rather than that of the democratically elected previous ”Islamic Republic of Afghanistan”.

What is the response of Indian Government?

The Ministry of External Affairs declined to comment on the Taliban decision, with officials suggesting that this was an “internal” matter for the embassy to resolve.

India’s decision to not taking side, somewhere indicated towards softening on Taliban. The External Affairs Ministry also declined to response on wheather it would allowed the Taliban flag or not at Afghan embassy.

What is the current move?

The Embassy of Afghanistan in India dismissed media reports which claimed that the Taliban has appointed a new point man in New Delhi. Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India, Farid Mammadze, appreciated New Delhi’s support for the cause of the people of Afghanistan and its position on the Taliban regime.