Shallow Fakes

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  • The influx of shallow fakes on social media is increasing every day.

About Shallow Fakes

  • Shallow fakes or cheap fakes are pictures, videos, and voice clips created without the help of AI technology but by either editing or by using other simple software tools.
  • Shallow fake videos are manually altered or selectively edited.
  • They can be created easily, in some cases it can be just a clipped video being shared without any context.

The difference between deep fakes and shallow fakes

Deep Fakes

Shallow Fakes

Deep Fakes describe photorealistic and audio-realistic images, video, and audio created or manipulated with artificial intelligence to deceive. Shallow fakes or cheap fakes are made with existing technologies—for example, a conventional edit on a photo, or slowing down a video to change the speech patterns of an individual, or more often rely on miss-captioning or mis-contextualizing an existing image or video, claiming it is from a time or place which it is not from.